I will work with you to declutter items in your home you no longer need or love. With gentle encouragement I will guide you through the process of reducing the amount of stuff you have in your home.

Whether it’s clothes, kitchen equipment, food, toys, cosmetics. I can help you to tackle any room in your house – kitchen, bedroom, landing, playroom, lounge, garage or loft.

I will listen to your needs and I offer a non-judgemental, safe and caring service, ensuring you feel the benefits of removing items and creating space.

Sort with snape bedroom
Sort with snape kitchen


Once your home is decluttered I will help you to plan and create systems that work for you.  This will include deciding the best place for your belongings and ensuring they are beautifully organised.  Also, sustaining organisation is key!  I will help you put systems in place that make sense for you and your family.

Moving Home

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could take the stress out of moving house? My services include unpacking and organising your items so that you can come home to your new home with a feeling of calm and relaxation.
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Teaching Resources

As a primary school teacher I know how important it is to be organised and efficient.  Teachers haven’t got time to be searching through files both digital and hard copy.  I can help you reduce your resources to a minimum so it’s easy to find what you need quickly and efficiently.  There’s no point keeping old resources that you never use or are out of date.

Pricing & Packages

My fees are £30 per hour with a 3-hour minimum booking.

3hr Package Session | £90

6hr Package Session | £180

For regular sessions or multiple day bookings: Book 3 sessions or more as a package to save £30. Book 6 sessions or more as a package with a £60 saving.

Please note: Package sessions include complimentary mileage of up to 10 miles from Oldham. Any mileage thereafter will be charge at £0.45 per mile. I will happily take two bin bags of charity items away with me at no extra cost.